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Retain.Co is your one-stop-shop for retaining walls in Christchurch, New Zealand. From planning to design, from excavation to engineering, Retain.Co can do it all. We specialise in the construction of new retaining walls and the repair and replacement of existing retaining walls.

Retain.Co is a Canterbury owned and operated business with a total understanding of local building construction techniques and earthquake repair.

We deliver

  • An inspection on site where the retaining wall is to be constructed
  • We can arrange for an Engineer design and consent requirements
  • Excavation and construction of your retaining wall

Our great team of experienced staff and trusted consultants allows us to offer practical solutions from the smallest retaining wall to larger more technical projects including planning and design. We can provide practical solutions from start to finish for your retaining wall project including engineer’s design, producer statements and working through consent requirements.

We plan it, build or fix it!

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Timber pole retaining walls, Crib retaining walls, Masonry retaining walls, Gabion retaining walls, In-situ Concrete retaining walls

We can come up with a practical solution for your damaged retaining wall in consultation with engineers to repair or replace your wall with minimal disruption.

Our service includes assistance with design, engineer’s plan, consent requirements, excavation, construction and back filling your new retaining wall.

We can liaise with your insurer and take on your project from start to finish. We also have extensive experience relevelling and re-piling older homes and slab on grade levelling in Canterbury.


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